Bringing me the sun

I swear, this must be the tenth or so time I’ve started a new blog. There’s just something all too appealing about a state of emptiness, a clean blankness, a clear canvas of sorts. Every time when I begin a new writing platform it’s always for a different reason: My old posts were terribly childish, I can’t really write well for an audience, per se, I need a false sense of privacy, etc. But this time… well, I don’t know why. And I’m hit with a huge question mark that ironically.. I vaguely know the answer.

I want to be recognised… for real, I guess. Whether just a ambivalent passerby blithely clicking by, or a friend, or a parent (I do hope not though hahaha) – I think it’ll be nice to know that the words you love penning down (somewhat) are being read with interest and skepticism. Even though I stopped writing publicly for a long while, I continued so in my semi-private Tumblr which offered me the freedom of writing whatever the hell I wanted and it was good to know that the people who bothered to even type the precocious URL read it because they wanted to. It was a pretty good feeling made even better where friends Whatsapped me to ask me about a certain post and we’ll end up having a discussion about various issues.

So as the long drawn out dawn gives a brimming, incandescent glow – I sit in front of Billy (My MacBook Pro – yeah my Apple stuff are all Billy it’s a long story) and I really really hope THIS is the very last time I’ll start a new blog from scratch again! Also hope that whatever I’m gonna write here would be true and honest to the person that I am.

2013-11-19 22.00.04

Also this is one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen captured haha. It’s a sunset in Cambodia, where Mavis is right now!

Whereas I’m stuck here in Singapore (aaahhhhh) going for a work attachment at 938Live that isn’t half bad, but isn’t terribly stimulating as well I guess. What I have to do is basically write six Fun Facts everyday, that may or may not be approved & broadcasted – where you basically go online and search for interesting things and sort of write them in a radio format – such a way so that it’ll sound pretty great for radio airplay. In addition to that we get to call screen people who call in to The X & M Show (DJs are Will Xavier & Michelle Martin) and keep them on the line, get their names and numbers down and all. It’s pretty novel because I NOW KNOW HOW RADIO ACTUALLY OPERATES and it was more fascinating than I thought it would be!

For example, the advertisements and (some) news you hear are actually pre-scheduled. Which basically means the DJs have to speak right til, but before the start of the ad until the ad naturally comes on. Which also basically means DJs are really quite amazing.

(I can’t wait til it ends though.. MediaCorp is undeniably fascinating with the things and people I got to see and interesting conversations I overhear, but honestly staring at a screen for close to ten hours isn’t really stimulating argh. Office life is quite the pits as well.)


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