Let the Ocean grow again

really good intangible feelings I want to experience again

plenty of caesurae to offer today, for life is organic and disjointed and my thoughts are, as well.

three years ago I remember lying down in the chalet and the door was open so I could hear the indignant roar of the South China Sea just a sandy beach away even though I was listening to Sky by Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michelson and I still remember the surge of wondrous emotion that brimmed and spilled ever so slightly to fill my little stoic heart

kuantan, malaysia
where in the warm mornings I would get up early and head outside for a long while. the dawn would break, spilling ochre and yellows and brilliant pinks over the royal blue sky. The sun would be a fiery rouge and i’ll listen as the sea grew gradually quiet, receding in breath and breadth. The warmth was light and smooth just like my thoughts were

tapping away on my (then) white Vaio laptop listening to a spanish love-song on the guitar. It was infinitely quiet and breezy and calm and very very light and the wiry buzz of the acoustic guitar reminded me of mine

where the ideal life was expressed cleanly by a wailing Taylor Swift, where conversations never seemed to tire after seven hours, but we did though, and the prickly grass and the smile on the mountaintop

when my dog was allowed on my bed and she napped by my feet, her furry head on my calves, when I had creamy soups and pasta full of herbs on most days after short days at school for lunch; and after which i’d head to my bed and read til I napped

Those were some good times I never really noticed, ever. But time and again I find myself suddenly recalling them – and so brightly and vividly and they’ve always left me feeling gently and subtly wonderful. :-)

In other news, I placed my cat beanie over Nikki’s head and BAM there you go. I couldn’t stop laughing as I yanked it over her head though, because she was still oddly ecstatic and wagging her tail frantically even though I was trying my utmost to piss her off (Yes). But okay due to some chiding from my mom who was yelling, ‘You’ll suffocate her! Oi’ I hurriedly snapped this picture hahahaha and so far, NO REGRETS.

I guess that’s the closest I can get to owning a cat.

I’ve also finished my stint at MediaCorp which I am so glad about! Infinitely grateful for the experience though there wasn’t much variety in terms of what we had to do. Everyday was the same game for us:  walked the insanely looooong trek from the Caldecott train station while greenly admiring the lovely houses by Andrew Road, settled down at our cubicle, searched for things and wrote, lunch at the overcrowded and icy canteen, heading eagerly to the fruit stall where  I got my avocado milk every single day which I was very pleased about, and finally sat in the ‘conti’ and screened calls for the DJs before we packed up and got the hell home. But… cool experience, really.

But if you’ll ask me to do it again next week… no waaaay! I missed seeing the sun, getting out there to run, and generally talking to people. I spent the ten hours everyday close to solitude even though I was in an office full of people and telephone calls and chattering keyboards… which obviously was generally the usual things office workers complain endlessly about. But now I see their perspective through new eyes. It really was quite stifling and the air was horribly still.

Needless to say, my bum hurt and often I was listless and restless because honestly it doesn’t take a person nine hours to complete scriptwriting. So I often escaped to the toilet, case in point above, and sometimes walked around back and forth because staring at a clunky Windows computer for such a long time isn’t really stimulating.

Oh well. Glad I had the experience, anyway!

So, my top three things of the week I spent at Mediacorp:

01 Avocado milk    02 Pineapple fried rice     03 Screening calls


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