Food, Stars of the Track, and Café Talks

These two weeks had me being a flurry of a myriad of different things — (trying to) be healthy, (trying to) be fit, dyeing my hair, changing my diet, writing drafts and drafts of all things blue and yellow, and drifting off to sleep in half blurry thoughts of being weightless in the dark resounding ocean.

Oddly, because my iPod went out of battery and I couldn’t find my charger, I’ve just let it be. So I’ve went around without music for awhile now. And I got to say it really has a visible and tangible effect in the way I view strange public transport encounters and how I react to them, hmm.

So, I’ve just come to the stark realisation that previously I really lived my life in a devil may care attitude in terms of my diet and food intake. I was recounting days in CJ and STC and oh man, I do realise that I bought a bottle of sweetened drink — usually Pokka Green Tea ’cause I swear they use magical sugar, and sometimes Earl Grey Milk Tea if I manage to get my hands on it — every single day. There was a time where my parents brought back six or so bottled Earl Grey Milk Teas and I scarfed down maybe one and a half bottles per day. Also, I do not eat veggies and fruits at all. AT ALL. And I ate too many potatoes and instant noodles and frozen lasagnes when I got hungry in the middle of the night. Seriously. I woke up at 1am once just to microwave a frozen beef lasagne, swallowed all of it while watching a Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares episode, and headed back to sleep right after, crap.

Surprisingly I didn’t gain weight, but then again my weight usually fluctuates 2 to 4 kilograms depending on how active I was. During the promos period where I didn’t exercise at all (therefore making me extremely frustrated), I lost close to 4kg because I lost… muscle mass? I’m not too sure. But it made me feel really unhealthy. I was glad when we started training again and I managed to get off my bum to run and head to the gym.

Okay so my point here is that I’VE DECIDED TO EAT BETTER. More fruits and them greens, I’ve cut back (actually I didn’t buy any at all, miraculously!!) on sweetened drinks. I still eat like a fiend, but in smaller portions and I have many meals throughout the day. Though once I ate the entire bag of Pepperidge Farm’s gingerbread men cookies at one go hahaha. Oh well, it’s Christmas + Cinnamon which is an irrefutable combination.

Is there a difference? Well… I don’t know because it’s been a short while and I suck at observing things. But I will try it out for longer. I DO feel healthier though, and more fresh. I had vegetable lasagne yesterday at Gastromania and oddly I found the mushrooms, zucchini and spinach and tomato and cheese to be really light yet filling. Usually when I get the beef one I’m unable to finish and it leaves me feeling strangely bloated and lazy. I suppose that’s good!


Usually if I have to make my own breakfast, I settle for beef bulgogi instant noodles (HAHAHA it’s yummy) or if I’m not too lazy I’ll crack a couple of eggs, whisk them, add a copious amount of milk, and scramble them in a pan filled with shining golden butter. But that day I cooked oatmeal with honey and some condensed milk, topped it off with slice strawberries and a dollop of peanut butter! It was delicious. So I’ve been eating oatmeal a lot nowadays.

ImageImageImageAlso met up with Mavis awhile back and we took nice pictures. But more bad ones.

Belle & Sebastian’s ‘The Stars of Track and Field’

Could I write a piece about you now that you’ve made it?
About the hours spent, the emptiness in your training
You only did it so that you could wear
Your terry underwear
And feel the city air
Run past your body

Could I write a requiem for you when you’re dead?
“She had the moves, she had the speed, it went to her head”
She never needed anything to get her round the track
She had the knowledge
To get her into college

P.S. It would be really scary but amazing to travel alone and to coachsurf.

P.P.S I really want to travel to the South Americas.

P.P.S Yeah.


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