I’m a listing boat, for the thing carries every hope.

I know when you hear these sappy lines 
You’ll roll your eyes and say “nice try”.

The pictures are largely irrelevant to the post haha.
2014-04-27 03.40.52
At Times Square with Jade!
2014-02-15 23.44.10
Seafood dinner with my secondary school friends. :) :) GAAAAH I miss College of the Demented so so much. :(

When one writes, we write about change. Or the stagnancy in change. More often we write about people — how people change with elapsed time. Because there’s an odd sort of constancy in change, the road goes ever on and on.

More often than not we write about love. It’s also the title song for Belle and Sebastian’s album — one which I used to love in 2010, haha to the extent of embellishing it in the form of a bad watercolour painting I remember doing in Yuri’s place — ‘Write about love / it can be in any tense / but it must make sense’

I’m not too sure about love making sense, does it really? Who really knows. Anyway, I have written about shoes. School shoes. White school shoes and dusty laces and everything it can connote… 969 words wow. I kept reading it over and over, absorbing and suspended in disbelief. Trying to think to make it real.

Which is really weird because when I showed it to some friends yesterday — lack of sophisticated prose and very ambivalent thoughts and all — I realised I cannot bring myself to read it anymore. Strange. When I open the document I feel a vague flush of embarrassment and can only manage the first line, ‘it’s strange when you start seeing freckles of ephemeral time in places you’ve been…’ before I have to close it, thinking to myself, boy you’ve really let yourself go. Haha.

Also weird because I realise I have to live my days with a sort of cathartic emotion. Where this catharsis strangely helps me feel my own presence.. where it’s then I truly know that I am alive. Days where I feel utterly neutral and apathetic has me running on hollow and empty.

ALSO irrelevant but one piece of my writing got featured here. Which is nice because it’s always lovely getting affirmation doing something you love.


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