of damien rice and ben howard’s music

since i don’t have twitter now my singular, very often disparate thoughts tend to linger about in a state of hapless disarray and i kinda need someplace to write it down… somewhat. so often i turn to my notebook where i scribble down random reminders and daily to-do lists, but since it’s more than an arm’s breadth away i decided to type it out on my wordpress instead. yay, blog! i will be tagging seemingly out of place posts like these with something along the lines of rambles or stream of consciousness or something like that…

okay anyway i wanted to come here to rave about how much i loooove damien rice! i’ve heard his song “cannonball” a few years back when it was part of a track list i downloaded, but never really ventured further into his music. but circumstances called for a new kind of music that was.. more mellow, more soulful and something that wouldn’t sound too out of place in an ornately lit coffeehouse of sorts.. and i ended up replaying “o” again and again and again. oh my. it’s so so amazing.

i really really love “delicate” — it’s not that we’re scared / it’s just that it’s delicate. 

so alyssa had a go with my iPod and after listening to some of the songs she recommended ben howard, who i’m listening to now — and ahhhhhhh i feel so calm and at peace and just so centred with the world?

yay it was a good weekend!


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