I’ve decided that I wanted to write a little bit more on this space now that A’s are FINALLY over & done with! But it’s mostly gonna be rather lacklustre and mundane events of the daily trajectory but I think I will personally enjoy it *narcissism*. Ah well.

Anyway, A’s ended on the day of the Jason Mraz concert itself so I was SUPER stoked and pleased. Got my single ticket off a seller from Carousell for a good price so I was quite happy. But I’ve got to admit — the concert I went in 2012 at Gardens by the Bay was much, much more exciting because I felt quite out of sorts singing every song sitting rigidly on my seat while everyone else seemed to be silent? I don’t know, man. But as always, his music & his message remained constant — spread love, stay positive, ‘create your own rainbows’ (haha, you’re so cute), be love. He threw out some fresh avocados off his own soil, too, which was really really endearingly adorable. AHHHHH.


‘Be cool, baby. Be cool.’


10382523_10204527905811536_1729148756147449343_o 10498151_10204527902091443_9014200828424904619_o

Got a job at Sunday Folks and I’m not sure how well I’ll fare… I’m not exactly steady with balancing plates & stuff. But I’m quite excited!!! My first proper job :-) Also signed up for yoga off a Groupon deal with Mavis so I’m really excited to start getting fit again.


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