Why not?

Photo on 3-2-15 at 09.47 #2 Photo on 3-2-15 at 09.47 #3 Photo on 3-2-15 at 09.47

decided to put some pictures before people forget how I look like. okay, not reaaaaallllyyyy.

I just need to quickly write this down before I lose the mesmerising after effects of a raw, good conversation. I’m at my internship now — with piles of writing to be done (and I’m already falling behind!) so yeah I better get on to this. It’ll be an incredibly short post.

Throughout my life I believe I’ve met people who are so wonderfully & exceedingly out of the ordinary and have personally been inspired by them in full measure. But I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten to know, understand, and be understood by someone from just a single long-drawn out conversation in the dead of night. I’ve picked things up here and there, learned the goodness and the shortcomings of the people I’ve met – loved and despised the eccentricities we all possess inwardly or outwardly. But no one has truly made me feel that I can believe in myself for all the things I have done or want to do.. the faith (in me) may not be entirely sincere for I have no chance of truly knowing, but the amazement and full fledged faith has kept me from feeling closed into myself.

I feel fleetingly brand new, a version of myself that’s still grounded in who I knew I was before.. but yet oddly different in aspects I haven’t quite found yet. But yesterday was the point where I (sort of) understood the conundrum of seeking what I want vis-a-vis what would come, a semblance of achievement and sincerity and trust I saw in people and in myself.

And for that, thank you.

I also recently began journaling again – putting pen into paper – and it’s been really, really therapeutic. Honestly glaring starkly from a page really does wonders for the mind. So I guess I’ll be writing a lot lesser in this space.


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