Happy 19th Birthday Tammy Thumb!


Happy nineteenth, Tammy! :-)

I’m really extremely apologetic that I couldn’t get your gift on time and it’ll be quite belated because of my Bangkok trip and I was really worried I couldn’t wish you on time too! So here I am, hurriedly writing a post (that is still very sincere okay!!!) before I leave so at least you’ll be able to see a few wishes from me – I won’t forget about your birthday EVER, okay! Because the thought of our birthdays would just incite the memory of me being mindblown when you told me about the Asian + Western horoscope at JE Wendy’s hehehe and how we have to be more assertive even though we are apparently the very meek Lemmings. WHICH then brings to mind your ‘NOBODY’S GONNA GRIND YOU!’ exclamation when you were nearly half drunk hahaha omg I wish I could witness you doing that!

By the way, I made these pictures in preparation for your card but I didn’t really have time to head to the photo printing shop to print it out so it’s gonna be online first…. don’t be angry when you see the same pictures on your card okay I assure you the words will be different and words carry more weight so!!!


From secondary three until the end of J2 and into our collective futures, I’m so so so glad that I’ve met someone like you. You are that ray of sunshine that never ever fails to make my day a little bit better, and I’ve never told you this but you really have made me a better person as well! You’re just so amazingly kind and compassionate and non-judgemental – qualities I wish to have and I really really try to be these traits you so unconsciously possess BUT IT REALLY DOES SHOW.

I know we were never in the same class or any same social group for the matter – but you’re still one of my closest friends ever and I truly think that’s pretty damn incredible. I actually like that it’s just the two of us – I think I’m damn possessive HAHAHA – so it’s kinda like just you and me against the world!! Omg that’s so super cheesy but YES. Whatever it is, I’m so happy you’re still with me and on your birthday and the many birthdays we’re gonna celebrate together… I wish nothing but happiness and the best things for you.


I swear our sleepovers are the best things in the world and they always make me so happy! Even though our last one was ages ago, when I look at these pictures I really feel a sense of contentment that’s pretty damn rare! Haha you’re one of those people that my dogs REALLY adore and I think that’s super cute – they can detect your wonderfulness inside you hehehe dogs are really accurate judges of characters I feel.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.51.23 PM


tammy3.jpgAlso remember our crazy cycling times where it was a really good exercise of both legs and mouth HAHA we should totally do it again – I have a bike now I can cycle everywhere with you!!! And omg Racial Harmony Day why didn’t you tell me I looked like a FOOL A RED FOOL but like what I said on my Instagram that particular picture is seriously an awesome pictorial representation of our friendship – you looking ALWAYS perpetually excited and me just being chill and observing things and you trying to get me into the excitement. Or any other mode of interpretation is fine, actually. Just take what you will. :-)

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.48.35 PM

And with that… I leave you with this picture because it’s my favourite photo of us, weird yellowish Instagram filter and all. :-) But happy birthday Tammy, there’s so much goodness in you and there’ll be so many amazing things coming your way – I just know it! I hope you’ll have a great day with your family and friends – and if you do go clubbing TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE OKAY! I hope you know that I’ll always be here for you and I love you from the bottom of my heart. See you when I get back!


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