Of coffee and early mornings


I’ve decided I wanted to take more photos for remembrance’s sake… also because keeping a photo journal is far, far easier than going defunct for months on end because of a writing inertia (due in part of fear, erosion of writing skills and most prominently, sudden interest in the binge-watching of Modern Family).


We decided to meet up (finally!) and went over to Cad Cafe at Haji Lane for a breezy brunch date. It was really lovely to sit out al fresco because it had rained the previous day and the air was cool and wispy. Halfway through they started playing Kodaline’s first album and I was rather pleased about that.


We both got their lunch special — sesame topped bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and chorizo with a side of whatever crunchy chip-like thing, plus some really good coffee — for $12. Did you hear that sound? Yes? It’s the sound of my heart shattering into pieces because I’m no longer working. But the coffee was pretty good and I’m not exactly a coffee person. According to one of my soon to be uni schoolmate, Cad Cafe uses some high quality premium beans or whatever and I guess I could taste the difference, though I’m no coffee connoisseur.



I wore an orangey-red hue that day because I was heading to the SEA Games Closing Ceremony later (thanks to the complimentary tickets my soon-to-be uni friend got all of us!). I think it suited the cafe which was decked in an amalgamation of rich cobalt blue, sunny yellows and vibrant oranges reminiscent of a cheerful 70s feel. But maybe it’s just me.

10407883_10206097762536973_1227032968301286556_n 11401364_10206097763617000_747912055486328470_n

The view opposite me. Also I just realised our shirts have the same delicate eyelet pattern. We talked about various important things that included life, life and more life. To our old STC days, CJ days and exciting uni times ahead!!

Ee4B4ZhPlQ9iBy9Zc7k3 58oyaYvdOYr8tBWFrkvS

Overall a pretty good day at the nicest place ever! Hipster haters (which I am, kind of) would roll their eyes and declare Haji Lane a rip off, but it’s truly a wonderful area with so many things to see and intriguing conversations (like the people behind us, for example) to listen to. It was a quiet, mellow morning with coffee that made me exceedingly energetic after (and I thought caffeine had no effect on me!!!) but the coffee crash was reallllly bad. I sat through the ceremony with my eyes half closed.

Life nowadays has been full of sunshine and happy people and so many positive vibes. I’m really really happy and I hope this continues til university begins!


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