Siem Reap: A Photojournal


1st August 2015 – 5th August 2015. I went to Siem Reap in Cambodia with my DF (Dean’s Fellow) group as part of our Orientation. Here are some pictures, none taken by me, from our five day trip.

blog8At one of the many temples we visited

blog6At our cooking class where we made things like fish amok, fried caramel bananas drenched in condensed milk, and shredded vegetables salad.



blog5Us after we spent nearly two hours in Blush Boutique picking out frivolous things like headbands and long skirts and silky kimonos.


We went biking along the Cambodian countryside and it was so lovely – both the views and the people we passed fleetingly by. They would wave at us enthusiastically and scream their hellos as we sang Disney / High School Musical songs as we rode.

/ another trip coming up next week! This time – Beijing, Shanghai & Nanjing. I can’t wait.


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