When the birds are sleeping, that’s when the trees sing.


Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge, the United Kingdom

Often (as we all do), I tend to scroll past old photos and photo edits, recounting the past as it was and will always remain.  This quality sometimes makes for the reverberating ache that spreads — which is very much unneeded yet yearned for at times — because you’re stuck in the recesses of the past.

But as we learn, we are, as a consequence, living in the shadows of our past. It may light and glimmer at dusk,  and it may fade out in a subtle hue of tales of the time being. What is here now is what I was and what I gained and what I lost.

ClubMed Bintan, Indonesia

Michael Mathews Coffee & Teas (made that up but he was really Michael Mathews and he sold coffee — grounded or roasted — & teas packed in plastic bags), Cambridge Market Square, Cambridge, the United Kingdom 

Nowadays I try to hinge on the brink of acceptability, but it’s so strange to yearn for people and singularity at the same time; it’s akin to a thought at the back of your mind screaming for escape which it prosaically cannot obtain.

It’s always the time to begin anew!


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