tabula rasa

I usually take ages to write a post here because I always feel like I have to prove something to myself with every single entry penned. The resultant effect is usually… no post because I tend to not want to overload this space (and to me, this is a perfectly preserved and curated space with only well… intellectual thoughts) with my mindless drivel and frivolous observations. But I think I may want to change it now — a personal blog is but a space for one to pen down her honesty, and I haven’t been doing that since a good five months ago.

Wow. Five months. A lot of things have changed since then. The greatest change is that I’ve transferred from Yale-NUS College to NUS Business School. Quite an unorthodox decision and a very, very, very difficult one at that. I spent my summer pondering over the pros and the cons and really delving into the very crux of why I felt like this wasn’t the place for me. I will probably write a post on that, soon — and I hope nobody gets offended HAHA because it was purely a personal (and I guess to that effect an academic one) decision.

That being said, I have to do my readings before my lecture at UTown (wow, actually travelling to classes!!!! It’s a brand new thing that I for some reason enjoy because it puts some physical and mental distance between academics and hall life — something YNC didn’t quite afford and I’ve come to realise it’s something I need) so I’ll leave this post here for now. Will probably come back here and update!


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